Beer (and Sushi) is a Movable Feast

Mirror Pond Pale Ale : Deschutes Brewery : Pale Ale

The sushi comes round in a pastel parade…pink, orange, blue, silver. Green is the cheapest and features such Japanese delicacies as fried dough and Poki Sticks. Round again on the conveyor belt. You learned to avoid choosing the plates that now feel as familiar as old friends, the tailends of the salmon slices curling upward slightly.
Our waiter tries to pin us down–tourists? locals? California (no!)–but our appearance–worn out from some 23 hours on the plane and draped in cloths recently purchased from the local goodwill–provide adequate cover. Not that the waiter’s approach would change if he knew that my daughter has flown in for college tour and me for a beer tour. You see, everyone here is polite. People chat in the checkout line and no one in the lengthening line complains: they will have their chance to talk when they check out. You could would say that Portlanders are happy, but that’s an elusive eastcoast value. I believer the proper characterization would content. Content to stand at the corner for the light even while there is no traffic to stop you from crossing…we scream we re from NY, put our heads down and run to the other side.

Okay, I am trying to fit here, so I will …go with this flow. I will order beer. But the much vaulted beer selection of the Northwest Pacific is not to be found in Sushiville. How nice it would have been to have the rolling past on little gold colored plates of their own…but, alas, I answer the friendly inquiry of our confused and contented waiter with a request for a Mirror Pond. It pours clean and that first taste careens like fresh misted water. Careens?, no cascades would be more appropriate. This is an uncomplicated recipe to the point of being downright simple; this is a beer that you can simply down (and sits nicely with sushi). This light cool touch sweeping over gentle grasses, this clear wateriness that doesn’t so much detract from the taste as echo the Portland environs, this is good enough, but offers no reason to travel the 39 hours necessary to cross the country.

Rating: 65%

Black Butte Porter : Deschutes Brewery : Porter

Another selection off the belt. The blue plates are piling up and those Poki Sticks are looking mighty fine…if only they would come round again. Another beer: Deschutes’ porter. The touch of bread and chocolate compliment well this nice honest porter. There’s the roasted coffee on the bbq quality, a nice not-too-sweet maltiness. Nothing in this beer is too much of anything, the balance so much down the middle.

I wonder if I am tasting Portland content?


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