The Beer as Guru Sits Atop Olympia

Ice Axe India Pale Ale : Mt. Hood Brewing Company : IPA

Nature concludes herself in oceans and mountain tops, the first in endings, the second for beginnings.

We are sitting in the Timberline Lodge at the foot of Mt. Hood’s summit.  We are on the third floor and snow still reaches the windows, ringing the interior with that translucent blue glow.

The menu features selections from the Mt. Hood Brewery, including the Ice Axe India Pale Ale, advertised as their flagship beer and “aggressively hopped.” My niece Beth, recently relocated to Seattle and down to join us for the weekend, orders one and I do too.

Aggressively hopped?  The menu also describes it as “s a rich & satisfying strong pale ale” and I wondering if they are confused about the difference in styles or what the word aggressive means.  Fine enough to drink (put the standard pale description here), it is anything but aggressive.

I am reminded of a legend from the Pacific Northwest, a beer so wondrous that you could never get it east of the Mississippi.  In fact, if you crossed Big Muddy with this beer, you could only take with you a half case.

The beer was Olympia and the stories were only myth and marketing.  I wonder if the phrase aggressively hopped is now necessary to sell beer.

Rating: 64%


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