Here’s Lookng at You, Mom

Pin-Up Porter : Southern Oregon Brewing : Porter

Happy Mother’s Day.

My mother drank beer, but she was never much of a beer drinker.  She’d complain about my dark beers, didn’t I have anything drinkable.  But she could finish off whatever she found in the fridge after I had returned back to NYC.

She was more a bourbon drinker, although her tastes in this smooth comfort were never that refined.  If it carried the word bourbon on the label, that was fine.  She once found my hidden bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed and ripped through it with the ease of polishing off some Evan Williams.

That was her forte, bourbon.  I suspect that she would toss out something like, “how can you drink that stuff?” if she saw a glass of Pin-Up Porter.  This would be after I calmed her down that the pin-up reference had nothing to do with pornography, of course.  If she cautiously sipped it, she might note some similarities to bourbon, the thickness, the hint of smokiness, some vanilla notes…nothing that would be found in a real beer.  She would like the smooth drinkability, maybe appreciate the suggestion of chocolate, but cringe a bit at the hint of spices.

But she could damn well make her way to the bottom of the glass.

So, here’s to you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Rating: 78%

(Mom’s rating: 12%)

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4 Responses to Here’s Lookng at You, Mom

  1. JW says:

    Um, in some worlds vanilla is a spice…a welcome spice…a complimentary bourbon spice. A spice that makes bourbon go “zing!”

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. M. We’ve got one for you right here.

  2. GeorginaLe says:

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  3. Admin says:


    I am sure my mom appreciates the advice.

  4. JW says:

    And I’m sure she appreciates all college loans.

    I, too, need the college loan all over again. (I think you have yourself an Asian spammer…or maybe Russian.) I don’t need, however, to repay the college loan all over again – thank goodness the world will end on May 21st, as the wise folks at the 42nd street subway stop insistently tell me – but I’ll take the loan up until then and spend that money on beer.

    That’s really giving it to the man when you take his college loan money and then don’t repay it because, oops!, the world has come to an end.

    And you have had some sweet beer in the process.

    Take that, man.

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