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With a break in the clouds, i put the top down on the car and the pedal down to the floor.  The engine quickly kicks up and I reach a top speed in no time.  A top speed of 12 mph.  If there is a tally board for these disasters, put up another chalk mark.

Now I love my car, even at 12 mph.  But that means the trip back to NYC will take longer than a Mormon migration.  I’m lucky to get the thing parked back in the driveway.  Only one thing to do: reach in the ice chest and pull out another cold Duck.

The porter.  I like porters.  Hell, I love porters almost as much as I love my car.  But this porter isn’t driving anyone anywhere.  Sure, it’s nice enough to look at, sit in, maybe take for a slow two hour spin around the block, but here the duck fails.  It has a smoked cocoa taste, but the overall effect is watery.  There is no real lift in this porter.

Add this to the day’s disappointment.

“Duck. Rabbit.”  my brother says, while speculating what might be wrong with the car. “It could be either or both or anything.”

Rating: 68%

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