Knocking of Heaven’s Door

St. Peter’s Fruit Beer (Grapefruit) : St. Peter’s Brewery Co Ltd : Grapefruit? (wheat)

Standing at the gates of heaven, I think I would let these brewers in.  Aside from the funky bottle shape, there’s the cookability of their stout.  Then there’s the sheer bold-face stupidity of throwing grapefruits into a wheat beer.  But, alas, I did enjoy that outrageous wheat weighed over with watermelon. And grapefruit hints are a welcome addition, particularly to the IPA palate.

But this one ain’t real successful.  Grapefruit overwhelms the senses, making it bitter and not in a hmm, this is delicious way.  No, it’s more spritely, like plunging your cutting edge spoon into bits of stubborn grapefruit pulp and having it squirt you in the eye.

If you are looking for how this beer plays in its country of origin on the old, obsolete side of the pond, check out this review.

Rating: 65%

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