Proof is in the Pudding

Vanilla Porter : Breckenridge BBQ & Brew Pub : Porter

“Like a chocolate milkshake. Like a rootbeer chocolate milkshake.” My friend Helen finishes so much of the stuff that she continuously elaborates her opinion, piling whipped cream, cherries, and a caramel drizzle atop her initial offering.

I would say “just plain tasty.”  You could add creamy tapioca, but it’s really the vanilla here that sets off the typical (typical but still expertly delivered) roasted malt porter qualities.  Perhaps too sweet for some tastes, the rare tropical bean rounds out the flavor and gives a lot of depth…milkshake like depth…to the flavor.

This is the third Breckenridge lately and easily the best of the three.  Years ago, when I was starting out in my first professional job as a glorified secretary for a small NYC government function, a Breckenridge bottle represented a real treat from the ordinary.  My friend Gil and I would seek out the unusual and were usually able to find this Colorado pale in a distributor all the way across town under the High Line.  Then Breckenridge disappeared, I eventually got another job (as did Gil) and now the distributor is an art gallery and the High Line NYC’s most popular park.

But the Breck is back and their beers are at least compelling enough to try and (except for that IPA) try again.  Which kind of describes my checkered employment history.

Rating: 81%

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One Response to Proof is in the Pudding

  1. JW says:

    What a way to close out a review!

    Rating (the last line): 96%

    (I need some wiggle room for the potential I know you have in you. But that will be a tough one to beat.)

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