Higher Ed and Beer

Palma Louca : Cervejaria Kaiser : Lager

Leon Botstein, President of Bard College, spoke to the graduates and their parents, reminding the converted about the importance interrelationship of education and democracy.  It was a stirring commencement, an overwhelming wellspring of emotions and I’m not even talking about my wife and my daughter.

Food.  Food for the faint of future.  Food for the fainting as well.  Zuz selects Samba Sushi, it’s fun and fascinating fusion of traditional sushi with Brazilian beats.  Of course, the Japanese have a significant presence in South America, so the mix is not so hard to believe.

What may be more difficulty to fathom is how spot on (to mix my cultural references) this beer is for celebration, sushi and steamy temperatures.  Straw pale, fizzy and soft, it drinks clearer than the future lays.  Should everything be as simple as this.

So, raise the glass…congratulations again, grads!

Rating: 60%

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