I Left My Heart Somewhere Up in My Throat

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I have an Anchor story, but it is a steam story.  I did have an Anchor bock when I was visiting San Francisco on business.  The City by the Bay is a great place to visit, even if it’s only for work.  This day I was recouping from walking over to Sausalito the day before, the rapturous heights of the Golden Gate proving psychologically devastating for someone like me, suffering vertigo and the threat of losing yet another job.

Vertigo was filmed in San Francisco.  Any filmgoer or city native can tell you that.  I can tell you that you kind of could benefit from a beer if you have just watched Vertigo or walked across the Golden Gate Bridge or had someone announce that your company was undergoing a new, all-consuming initiative.

May I suggest an Anchor Bock, consumed tableside on the streets of San Francisco?  Big, bold, with a touch of cynicism/sour, like a good friend’s affirming slap on the back, his or her hands dripping in dark Ghirardelli chocolate.  Reassuring you that the world is still firmly under foot.

Rating: 75%

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