I’d Walk a Mile for a Miller…

St. Peter’s Porter : St. Peter’s Brewery Co Ltd : Porter

“Now I know Miller Lite and, ah, I’d say this is about 30 miles away from Miller Lite.”  Uncle Buck says, still sporting that half grimace, half smile.

But his nephew Dave has a hmmm look of appreciation.  “Now this is good. Really interesting, with, what molasses?”

He’s got it right on, that sulfur molasses undercurrent.  Back where the Kolonauskis and I come from, If you want to make good shoofly pie, you use backstrap molasses, and that’s what I am getting sipping this Peter Porter out of our dixie tasting cups.  A fine way to cap a day of soggy crashes on the back turn and two ice cold swizzlers.

“Can you put some more cans on ice?”

“Sure thing, Uncle Buck.”

Rating: 79%

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