That Olde Lackluster Magik

Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale : Flying Dog Brewery : Pale Ale

My son and I saw the latest and last Harry Potter film tonight.

I don’t want to give anything away, but it all ends.  Before it ends, there is time to enjoy a butterbeer. It may be the best scene in the movie, where the fabulous trio stumble into the olde wizards inn and a big hairy guy pours them a couple pints of the stuff.

Oh, I remember the mad mothers’ outcry when the beverage was first relished in an earlier film, how the movie teetered on irresponsible presentations of public drunkenness, a true sorcery of dark images.  Gone is that controversy here.  Instead we have Weasley wrapping his hand around the frosty glass…and for an instant there’s an honest spark of natural enthusiasm in a film that otherwise walks itself through the required paces like a junior high-school boy forced to learn how to square dance in a co-ed gym class.

If olde red-headed Ron had reached for a Flying Dog pale ale, would the results have been different?  This beer doesn’t arouse much enthusiasm, but has enough substance to get you through wizards 101.

Rating:  62%

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