High Tea or “Hello, Little Oysters”

Sea Dog Amber : Vancouver Island Brewery : Amber
Phoenix Gold Lager : Phillips Brewing Company : Pilsner
Brockton IPA : Granville Island Brewery : IPA

The sign says:  Buck-a-Shuck.  Ain’t nuttin’ wrong about that, except thinking that you’re gonna walk away from the table cheap.

Oysters in Victoria downtown.  I’m not so worried about the beers.  After all, I still have the afteglow of the Coffee IPA.

“Did I try that beer?” asks my friend Helen.


“That Mikkiller’s you keep talking about.”

To avoid giving a direct answer, I order four oysters and the Sea Dog Amber, slightly sweet and linger quality that hangs around a little too long, while the oyster drift by in a brilliant spray of salt water…maybe good enough for Canada, but would fade quickly in comparison to its compatriots to the south.

“What beer are you talking about being perfect?” asks my friend Helen.

I dodge the question by ordering more oysters and a Phillip’s Golden Lager.  On any given day, I would take an IPA over a lager, but I know a little of what to expect from the Granville choice and I did enjoy the Phillip’s earlier.  (When the style tables were reversed–Granville’s Lager and Phillip’s IPA–there was a 23 point difference between the two.) A little thicker and heavier than most pilsners, more bread, less butter.  “Not the most perfect pilsner I’ve ever had…”

“You guys had a perfect beer and didn’t share it with me?” asks my friend Helen.

More oysters?  Ten more oysters is only ten more dollars, so I get the remaining beer on the menu. There is nothing distinguishing about the Granville IPA or truly the rest of their line.  Nothing…perfect.

“Oh…that’s how it’s going to be,” says Helen.

“What’s this, Helen?  They have a Pimm’s Cup on the beverage menu, with the excuse that ‘it was invented in an oyster bar.'”

Rating Sea Dog Amber : 60%
Rating Phoenix Gold Lager : 54%
Rating Brockton IPA : 45%

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  1. JW says:

    I see what you did there, but remember, my father was a geometry teacher, so I’ve got my eye out for numbers. And angles.

    But I see.

    Are you sure this is a beer blog?

  2. admin says:

    new ! improved ! now with numbers !

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