Pisssing the Night Away

Blanche de Bruxelles : Brasserie Lefèbvre SA : Wheat

The boy was lost for four days. When his dad finally found him, the kid was pissing against a wall. So to honor the Belgian beer gods, then, Pop erected the strangest, most famous artwork of all of the low countries (that is until my friend Hiromi’s artshow, of course): the pissing boy fountain. To find it is a required pilgrimage of all Brussels tourists.

It’s easy to over look the actual waterworks (you can’t miss the boy’s image on tee shirts, playing cards, lacework), kinda like it’s easy to pass by the light taste of this Blanche. Clean, light, with all the clove and wheat essentials. I’m just not sure that drinking this featherwheat is essential.

Rating: 71%

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