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Taquamari : Birrificio Pausa Cafe : Wheat(ish) Beer

There are those who argue against new cuisine. Those who lament the introduction of centrifuge spinners into the kitchen.  Who rail against convention ovens and food processors, blenders and vegetable peelers.  Yes, those who think that the Telfon pan and cooper pot have no place in cooking.  Those who toss out the fork from the cutlery and those who toss the cutlery out altogether.

Modern intrusions.

I suspect these people who blanch at the Italians re-imaging the wheat beer.  I’m not talking about bumping up the familiar by tossing in more coriander or twisting the recipe by using plantains to augment the banana tones.  No, these guys are messing with the base element itself, using tapioca, quinoa, and basmati rice as the foundation.

Very modern (in an ancient kinda way, since quinoa is a Inca grain) indeed.  And the results are integrating…I mean, interesting.   There is no easy way to talk about this beer, with its cloudy glow like a hefe, but everything seems staged to highlight the spices, hints of rose petals, tall grass stalks and white peppers lacing, yes, a creamy tapioca pudding.

Nothing else quite like it out there that I’ve come across and the surprising thing is that, although this is a 4.6 ABV, its uniqueness opens a quicker path to intoxication.

Beer epiphany:  the unfamiliar (and down-right weird) is more (literally and metaphorically) intoxicating than the tried and true.

Rating: 82%

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