United with Uinta and Others

Dubhe Imperial Black IPA : Uinta Brewing Company : IPA

I’ve been looking forward to drinking Uinta again, perhaps in fondness to last year’s visit to Utah, but more likely in pleasant memories of this beer in the bottle.  I’ve also been looking forward to returning to The Pony Bar, about as close a place in NYC to Portland’s Belmont Station.  And I’ve been looking forward to meeting up with my friends John and Al, particularly since Al owes me a couple of beers from fantasy football. But most of all, I’ve been wanting to hear the story of my friend Neeta’s engagement.

All these things come nicely together in one evening.  When I arrive, Al’s already on to the Wyld Pale Ale–round enough, but not strong enough to overcome a watery feel–and John is finishing his Monkshine–which thins too much away from being a Belgian to toss it into that category: it needs to be rethought by Uinta.

It’s nice to have your friends weed out the selections for you.  (I can’t trust Neeta for this, however, because as she bubbles about her happiness, she is sipping wine.) I order the Dubhe Imperial Black IPA:  it does not disappoint.  Served thick and dark in a short glass, there’s a touch of black cherry. A floating bitterness oscillates through the  tasting, alternating against that just enough dark malts and intense alcohol.

Rating: 78%

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6 Responses to United with Uinta and Others

  1. Grace says:

    That post was linked to from Metafilter.com today…that’s how I found out about you and atnpreaply this guy (girl?) did too and decided to have a little fun with you. I, for one, am glad someone did post the link on that site as I know I’ll become a regular reader (plus I added a link on my blog to yours as well). Cheers! p.s. OE is crap. I only drank it when I was young, stupid and poor, and even then it was a last resort.

  2. I do not know your Sign and that would be my pleasure to know but generally Geminis are not reliable;They are liar, secretive, unreliable, cheater ant totally TAIT’S A BIG CHANCE FOR YOU THAT THEY DO NOT LOVE YOU;Even I’m an air sign (Aqua), do not trust any Gemini (Except one that is my true friend for about 3.5 years)

  3. Mikaela: Tack =) ja jag blev störtkär på en gång! de är väldigt lätta att gå i, tro det eller ej =) blir nog fler sko-inlägg

  4. This insight’s just the way to kick life into this debate.

  5. Don’t judge a book by its cover – eller forfatterbillede. Jeg vil gerne prøve lykken og satse pÃ¥ Dage med Lilly. Forfattertalentet MÃ… være større end fotogenet. Jeg er hjemme pÃ¥ barsel med kæmpebabyen der sprænger kurver hver gang han mÃ¥les og vejes af div. sundhedspersonale, sÃ¥ trænger jeg til at fylde tankerne med andet end de tre b’er: baby, bleer og bryster.

  6. Efectivamente es todo un acierto utilizar este tipo de harina para la pasta. Yo normalmente utilizo la de trigo duro 100% y aunque rebelde y difícil de trabajar, el resultado final es espectacular.Decirte que aquí, esa harina se lleva utilizando toda la vida para las frituras de pescado, como tú bien dices en la entrada, y que además se utiliza para el pan "cateto", en fin, una buena harina de trigo duro da muchísimo juego.Espectacular tu receta. ¡Saludos!

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