The Advantages of an Indefensible Country

Leffe Blonde : Abbaye de Leffe S.A. : Belgian

In honor of my friends Hiromi (she designed this site’ masthead) and John’s trip to Brussels, I’m drinking a Leffe Blonde. Actually, one doesn’t need an excuse to drink this most wonderful beer, but knowing I can do this in support of Hiromi’s European art opening makes the ritual ceremoniously special. Plus the bottle comes from Belgium, courtesy of my sisterinlaw (thanks Cath) makes all the planets align, the stars come out, and the world lifts closer to heaven.

Leffe may be sweet to candy, but I prefer to think of its as depth and richness, like butter toffee in the floral bouquet. It is the recipe born from years of conquest…conquest of Belgium by most of the rest of Europe.

Yum. So yummy, I once watched my friend Bryan down four of these in effort to figure out his life. He succeeded and is soon to get married in October. So I believe there is charm to Leffe as well.

Rating: 91%

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  1. JW says:

    This is what happens when you play catch up…You post too much.

    I will flat out bore you with pictures of all of the Leffe consumed in Belgium and Paris. Profound amounts, even with so much else at our disposal. That is not a testament to our lack of curiousity; it’s a testament to Leffe.

    Guess, now that you’ve mentioned it by name, we have to bring some down to Florida to duely celebrate that wedding.

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