Can You Hear Me Now?

Merry Monks’ : Weyerbacher Brewing Co. : Belgian
Blithering Idiot : Weyerbacher Brewing Co. : Barleywine
Old Heathen : Weyerbacher Brewing Co. : Imperial Stout

To quote Sting (and maybe a million others), I am not alone. No, I consider myself in that crowd of blithering idiots who attempt to write about drinking a different beer a day for a year. Some of these colleagues have started with the best intentions, only to be crippled along the way. The path is not wide and it is rutted by ironic distractions, such as gaining weight in the waist while losing it in the wallet. There are also the full ranks of beer bloggers who wander casually through the adjacent aisles of opportunity, sampling and spelling. This is a vast army that hear the siren call, but, although they tread the right direction, they missed the unbridled thrill a year’s discipline unveils.

Or perhaps they fear that once they make that simple commitment to drink a beer a day for the beneficial illumination of the world, well, that they would find themselves addicted to the mountain trek, where crossing a simple Alpine meadow leads to the strut up a never-ending Matterhorn of continuous beer consciousness connoisseur commitment.

So familiar reader, where does your path lie? Will you stay in the band of merry monks, tripping lightly with their bowls of fruit–bananas, plums, a slight warmth of cinnamon? Are is your calling higher, much higher, to the something big boozy and warm, on some malted mountaintop, flicking caramel dusted figs into your thirsty mouth? Or can you find a more simple comfort in a step away from insanity, in the path of the old Heathen, a tad salty in his wisdom gained gathering hints of vanilla and cream, the chocolate in his pockets warming to the twilight air?

For those still looking for more guidance on the question, I leave behind these illuminated manuscripts:

365 Days of Beer–a pleasantly direct and knowledgeable account of beer drinking, peaceful almost to the point of being completely non-judgmental.

It’s Pub Night–not a daily account, but a detailed one, focusing on PacNW brews and drinking places and he offers the Six-Pack Equivalent Calculator, a crafty tool for pricing out growlers.

Small Beer–perhaps he doesn’t write everyday because of supply issues, or perhaps because of the lyrical ponderings of each review.

Left4Beer–not daily, but extensive, creating a deep inventory of traditional reviews

BrewPublic–kinda the Wall Street Journal of beer in Portland.

Kupko’s Mind. Bottled.–straight-out traditional style reviews, but a great selection of interesting brews.

Slosh Spot–the site itself is silly and confusing like a blonde drinking her first warm beer in college, but this particularly page linked here is still an attractive graphical account of beer drinking around the world.

The Brew Club–“We started The Brew Club in April 2008 as something fun to do at work” and they certainly have a bit of fun with it with their rambling accounts.

Brew 365–a daily beer brewing (not beer tasting) site, with recipes that reverse engineer your favorite beers.

Beer Mapping–for the lost and thirsty in all of us.

An answer to the most pressing of questions…

BottleTrek–a place to buy strange beers (for collection purposes only).

Blood, Stout, and Tears–a little history, a little opinion, a little slice of south Wales.

Firkin Pub–have pub, will travel.

A Bar with No Name–nice name for an otherwise pretty standard blog.

A Year of Beer–not to be confused with a blog with a similar sounding name, this is not a daily accounting, but it mixes personal perspective on beer and beer culture with more traditional tasting notes.

Tasty-Takes–beer and fish and everything else.

Hop Head and Porter–the leading ladies of beer, on video.

Beer Per Day–can’t figure out the calendar on this one, but the writing is both light and personal and the beers always interesting.

fuck yeah beer–pretty much the title says it all.

1yob–standard accounts in a daily record without dates, but nice pictures.

A Year of Beer (the video)–this is the way to do it.

The Year of Beer–maybe not THE beer website, it’s a multimedia exploration of what it means to drink a beer a day.

My Yearly Lesson Blog–more like different beers around the year, but still an nice archive of brew notes.

There are, I suppose, more beer bloggers than breweries.  All you can do is pick up a pint and pen.

Rating Merry Monks’: 76%
Rating Blithering Idiot : 74%
Rating Old Heathen : 78%

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2 Responses to Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Judy says:

    Caramel-dusted figs sound great! On the top of a mountain! WIth beer! Yes! Maybe some oysters as well?

  2. JW says:

    You all and your oysters. When will it end?

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