back in beer (or…not stellar, but starred)

Harpoon Black IPA: Harpoon Brewery : IPA that’s Black
Four in Hand : World Brews, Winery Exchange Inc.: IPA
Clementine: Clown Shoes : Wheat
Wyld Extra Pale Ale : Uinta Brewing Company: Pale Ale
Golden Spike : Uinta Brewing Company : American Pale Wheat Ale

It’s a time of introspection and laughter…so that must mean a birthday party…or the re-birth of the beer blog.  Either way, what better way to celebrate than with friends and an assortment of  new IPAs, a pale, and a clementine wheat for kicks. Bright, fascinating, compelling…and I am, of course, just speaking of the company.

Just out of the gate again, I suppose it’s all about the results and I anticipate talking about the results of a year of suds sampling.  Detailing the merits of pale ale in the world of IPAs.  Highlighting the importance of odd varietals or the zaniness of fruit.  Promoting labels as art.

All in due time.  Since it takes a while to get back up on the bar stool, even if it a more manageable once a week, I’ll stick to what little I can remember of the tasting notes.  Oddly enough, just four months after completing the year long journey, IPAs are still universally appreciated.  I enjoyed the more floral qualities of the Four in Hand (yeah, I know, run away because this is brewed in the same vats as Genny), whilst distinguished guests settled more solidly on the darker, but bitterer qualities of that odd hybrid, Harpoon’s Black IPA.  (“Is this a porter?” “No.”)

Lost in the shuffle are the lighter pleasures of Uinta’s Pale Ale…a simple, bright beer that reminds one of refreshment…and the Clown Shoe’s clementine wheat (as promised), with it’s citrus layerings acting exactly as promised.  Ah, this Clown Shoe brewery:  I tried a couple of beers from this laughing ale house in the dry months since retiring the blog, and the tastes (along with my thirsts) are another reason to pick up the quest again.

I’m back, baby, if not yet brilliant.

Harpoon Black IPA: 84
Four in Hand : 72
Clementine: Clown Shoes : 76
Wyld Extra Pale Ale : 72
Golden Spike : 63

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One Response to back in beer (or…not stellar, but starred)

  1. JW says:

    Everything you said is fine. That said, when did the “Bartenders” become “Talking with the Bartender”? Not to say that it isn’t more apt, but looking back at the number of comments left that engendered no comment, one thinks the “Bartender” is one of those chaps, arms folded, whose back is affixed to the cash register, a toothpick clamped between the molars, as he looks through the customers who wait uneasily to be served.

    You know the ones I’m talking about: the ones who treat you like you don’t exist…Well, in your case, that’s all of them. But for the rest of us there is a type out there. And I think he’s minding the bar at this dive.

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