It’s Not What You Drink, It’s Where You Drink It

Hurricane Kitty : Keegan Ales : IPA
Mother’s Milk Stout : Keegan Ales : Stout

I first had Mother’s Milk poured from an unmarked brown jug into fruit jars, whilst sitting at the linoleum kitchen table of my friends Rick and Gail. Slightly sweet with a underlying chalky quality. Big wrap-around arms for late spring. And a healthy freshness that suggested a local cow and sweet hay farmed just down that dirt road over there was involved in the making of the beer. Keegan’s brews are made in nearby Kingston and that impresses the sentiment that drinking local is somehow drinking better.

Rick is a crazy-assed, jokester…the kind of guy who would crawl under a house, armed with a car jack, just to level out an uneven floor board or two. But alas, he’s given up drink along with the desire to place his life in the hands of insane chance. I’ve had the pleasure of Mother’s Milk elsewhere from time to time, but nothing’s quite matched drinking it in the jacked-up elevation of Rick and Gail’s kitchen. Location plays a role in taste.

I suspect that even a lesser (note: not an intolerable) beer in a great location tastes better. (Just as any great beer served pourly (think dirty taps, for instance) will suffer greatly.) Such is certainly the case for Hurricane Kitty, served on the slopes of Belleaire and at all the hotspots of Fleischmanns. (If the name sounds familiar, you’re right on in your guess.) I bought a Milk Stout just in case, but it was unnecessary. The resulting black&tan was thick, rich, sharp and sweet but the IPA on its own made the tumbles of amateur skiing (truly amateur) badges of the wearily happy. Medium and crisp, lyrically citrus.

I know now that Keegan brews for winter and early spring. But you have to be well-positioned: it’s a local thing.

Hurricane Kitty: 79%
Mother’s Milk Stout: 75%

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  1. Judy Gelman Myers says:

    And what was the name of the confiscated beer? Lack o’Drink?

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