Barrier Mare Undarum
Hill Farmstead Everett Porter
Red rooster stout
Six Point Sol (salt)

Ok. No way I can get through this intelligently, let alone the intelligence I thought I was gonna bring to it, not even the intelligence I thought was successfully infused throughout this blog. We have spel check…an automated feature in typing these days…even grammar check, a suspect quality of typing and checking in any universe…but no check for intelligent signs of life in the universe.

This review was suppose to be written … well… shortly after tasting. And can I add right now, that this was indeed a tasty selection of brews, served up at what might well be the best the best bar in all the universe, The Pony Bar. Yes…. yes… yesssss, indeed.

Not that all these brews worked. Not that any of us really work. Not in the way that, say, the sun is hard at work keeping us all alive. Thank you very much there sun.

The Barrier was. Was a barrier to a real belgian. I mean, like throw a sunripened orange peel into to a pale ale glass and call it a successful hybrid. Was not.

Rooster…yes, yes, enough to wake you up, but perhaps not enough to keep you going through the whole sunlite day.

WTF … say no more. Yes.

Six Point…sol something. Yes. Like throwing the salt into a bottle of Sol. And then like throwing the hops of Sierra into a bottle of Sol. Maybe something happening there, but the sun is setting now…….

Leaving (actually, poetic license, I started here) with the charcoal sunset quality of Everett. Porter carry me away. Nicely.


Barrier Mare Undarum : 60%
Hill Farmstead Everett Porter : 76%
Red rooster stout :69%
WTF: whatever it was before +1%
Six Point Sol (salt) : 72%

… too much cluster here.

Editor’s Note:

From the timing of the submission here, apparently this piece was written, never re-read, submitted after an extension discussion the reviewer had about what ever the hell happened before the big bang. We only hope it involved hops.

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One Response to Criminal

  1. JW says:

    Let’s assume that you still like to riff on a pun, as much as the rest of us may shudder. So I am left to further assume that you are unaware that Sol is Sun in Spanish and, perhaps, Esperanto.

    So when you re-edit this entry – and I encourage it – have some fun with that one. Think of it as the carrot awaiting you as you slog through all that work.

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