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Editor’s Note: So this blog comes to a slow conclusion. As of this writing, three entries outstanding… But, in offsite consultations with the reading public, the editor is working to convince the reviewer to find some way to not only … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note: Oh, the last notes are slow in coming.  Apparently, the reviewer is slow to step away from the task at hand.  Perhaps he is still drinking beers on the sly and that is slowing the progress, knowing it’s … Continue reading

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All Hopped Up and PA to Go

Hop Infusion : Weyerbacher Brewing Co. : IPA Hops r us, here.  Looks like I’m headed to the hometown to a watery basement, so I pull down this beer, made along the road that runs there, to fortify me for … Continue reading

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Pisssing the Night Away

Blanche de Bruxelles : Brasserie Lefèbvre SA : Wheat The boy was lost for four days. When his dad finally found him, the kid was pissing against a wall. So to honor the Belgian beer gods, then, Pop erected the … Continue reading

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Triple Dog Dare You

Triple IPA : Bierbrouwerrand-Cafeij Emelisse : IPA (Imperial) “Oh, I like this one.”  Marianne is drinking this in comparison with the Peak’s Organic Pale Ale. “Like desert after the meal.” Like bananas topped with a rich, slightly burnt caramel.  There’s … Continue reading

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press on pilgram

i need a beer. i’m going to portland.

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Island Girl

Piton Lager : Windward & Leeward Brewery Ltd. : Lager This is a gift from the island, from my friend Hortense. She’s nice. She always thinks to bring me back a beer from the various places in paradise she steps … Continue reading

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The Pace Picks Up and the Beers Drop Off

Michelob Ultra : Anheuser-Busch, Inc. : Lager (Real Light) There is ultramently nothing to say about this beer except that it is uber0ultra-nadaness. And it is a sign of growing cracks in the texture of the blog itself.  It is harder … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note: The Portland reviews have been assembled under their own special page.

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In College, There Aint No Beer (reviews)

Editor’s Note College obligations are exerting a pull on our reviewer’s more professional obligations, throwing the review schedule into something of a tailspin. It will be several days before the site is updated with the latest opinions. Before our reviewer’s … Continue reading

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