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Perfection Should be Framed by a Plate and a Glass and by a Glassmaker

Blood Alley ESB : Russell Brewing Company, Ltd. : ESB Mikkiller’s Coffee IPA : Mikkel Borg Bjergsø : IPA A near perfect day on the rock edge of the wild pacific walk and followed by picking up a fresh salmon … Continue reading

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Rabbit Tails

Double Old Thumper Ale : Shipyard Brewing Co.: ESB Thumper is the rabbit in Bambi.  Could this beer be the distilled blood of this gentle creature?  Was the hare plucked from the summer fields while stretching his legs after a … Continue reading

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Questions without Answers

We have come to Portland with many questions.  (Not the least of which is which college is right for my daughter.) Is contentment better than the struggle for happiness?  Who should I contact as my Portland beer guide?  What is … Continue reading

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