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In the Lion’s Den

Lowenbrau (original) : Löwenbräu AG : Lager When I was in sixth grade, we studied Gregor Mendel and his science of little beans.  Mr. Kaufman, our science teacher, handed out corn seed to each of us, along with a little … Continue reading

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Miller vs Miller

Miller High Life : Miller Brewing Co. : Lager Miller Genuine Draft : Miller Brewing Co. : Lager Recently, back on prom night, my friend Robert took his date to a pre-prom dinner at the Steak & Ale.  He picked … Continue reading

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Schlitz, thank you.

Schlitz : JOS. Schlitz Brewing Co. (Pabst) : Lager Schlitz, thank you. Yes, Schlitz baby. The same Schlitz they used to advertise being brewed in the big tanks on Route 78, on the road home. The very same Schlitz that, … Continue reading

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Home Again

Rolling Rock Extra Pale : Latrobe Brewing / Anheuser-Busch : Lager I’m back in Pennsylvania, back in the basement, digging out the soaked, and ripping down nineteen-seventies eighth-inch faux paneling. My brother Don and I pile stuff on the curbside … Continue reading

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Torture at Twenty Thousand Feet

Heineken : Heineken Nederland B.V. : Lager I would have kept looking for a gremlin on the wing if I had only gotten a seat near a window.  My friend Helen got an accidental seat in business class. I imagine … Continue reading

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Kayaking with the Beagle

Tofino Pale Ale : Tofino Brewing Company : Pale Ale Vancouver Island Victoria Lager : Vancouver Island Brewing Company : Lager Our guide Ray explains the spiritual preparedness necessary for a whale hunt, the deep time spent in isolation, the … Continue reading

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Good God, if our civilization were to sober up for a couple of days, it’d die of remorse on the third

Pale Ale : Okanagan Spring Brewery : Pale Ale Brockton IPA : Granville Island Brewery : IPA Stanley Park Pilsner : Hell’s Gate Brewing Company : Pilsner Sleeman Silver Creek Lager : Sleeman Brewing And Malting : Lager A short … Continue reading

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Mr. Stanley Park, I Presume

Weissbier : Whistler Brewing Company : Weissbier Granville Pale Ale : Granville Island Brewery : Pale Ale Granville Island Lager : Granville Island Brewery : Lager Hop Circle IPA : Phillips Brewing Company : IPA Stanley Park juts out from Vancouver like … Continue reading

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Island Girl

Piton Lager : Windward & Leeward Brewery Ltd. : Lager This is a gift from the island, from my friend Hortense. She’s nice. She always thinks to bring me back a beer from the various places in paradise she steps … Continue reading

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The Pace Picks Up and the Beers Drop Off

Michelob Ultra : Anheuser-Busch, Inc. : Lager (Real Light) There is ultramently nothing to say about this beer except that it is uber0ultra-nadaness. And it is a sign of growing cracks in the texture of the blog itself.  It is harder … Continue reading

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