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Up on the Roof

Del Borgo Enkir : Birra Del Borgo :  Pale Ale (Belgian style) “In the garden,” says my friend Genie, “chasing butterflies on a spring afternoon, like a playdate for young children in French gardens with the smell of herbs, and … Continue reading

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World Class

Ommegang Belgian Pale Ale : Brewery Ommegang : Pale Ale (Belgian) First of all, corrections are in order.  Congratulations to Japan on their World Cup victory.  As my friend Bryan said, “delicious.”  Actually, he was commenting on Ommegang’s BPA, a … Continue reading

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Happy Independent Brewing !

The Red : Appalachian Brewing Company : Political Ale The Blue : Appalachian Brewing Company : Political Lager My friend Oliver gave me these two beers, one blue, one red. Both were made across the river from my hometown, made … Continue reading

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Nova Nothing

Alexander Keith’s Pale Ale : Alexander Keith’s : Pale Ale Nova Scotia is a flat land, a beautiful, rugged land.  There’s rocky shores and bagpipers, tidal bores and a magnetic hill that pulls your car up to the top.  Nova … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Just to Be Here

Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale : Southern Tier Brewing Company : Pale Ale In this post-apocalyptic world, things just aren’t the same.  For example, this pale ale doesn’t quite compare to the Founder’s dry hop version.While the beer has everything–pine … Continue reading

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Waiting for the End

Founders Dry Hopped Pale Ale : Founders Brewing Company : Pale Ale Other people can pull all this off with less confusion.  Witness the Aleheads site, with witty daily entries about everything beer, including tastings.  The boys have the obsession … Continue reading

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Ape Man Dinosaur Birthday Ape Hanger : Middle Ages Brewing Co., Ltd. : Pale Ale It is hard to find good BBQ in Manhattan, but about one of the best you can do is take yourself up on the 1 … Continue reading

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I Love Bumblebee

Pollenator : Long Trail Brewing Company : Pale Ale (American) A girl I knew from high school moved to Arizona to help her sister study bees; now she heads up a marketing firm there.  I suspect she could help sort … Continue reading

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Not the Peak of Simcoe Pines

Peak Organic Simcoe Spring : Peak Organic Brewing Company : Pale Ale I grow hops…Williamette and Cascade…on the rooftop. Not for the rooftop brew, no, but for the fun of it and the fact that hops are one of the … Continue reading

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Questions without Answers

We have come to Portland with many questions.  (Not the least of which is which college is right for my daughter.) Is contentment better than the struggle for happiness?  Who should I contact as my Portland beer guide?  What is … Continue reading

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