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Barrier Mare Undarum Hill Farmstead Everett Porter Red rooster stout WTF Six Point Sol (salt) Ok. No way I can get through this intelligently, let alone the intelligence I thought I was gonna bring to it, not even the intelligence … Continue reading

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I’d Walk a Mile for a Miller…

St. Peter’s Porter : St. Peter’s Brewery Co Ltd : Porter “Now I know Miller Lite and, ah, I’d say this is about 30 miles away from Miller Lite.”  Uncle Buck says, still sporting that half grimace, half smile. But … Continue reading

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Proof is in the Pudding

Vanilla Porter : Breckenridge BBQ & Brew Pub : Porter “Like a chocolate milkshake. Like a rootbeer chocolate milkshake.” My friend Helen finishes so much of the stuff that she continuously elaborates her opinion, piling whipped cream, cherries, and a … Continue reading

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Fast Car

Porter : The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery : Porter With a break in the clouds, i put the top down on the car and the pedal down to the floor.  The engine quickly kicks up and I reach a top speed … Continue reading

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Here’s Lookng at You, Mom

Pin-Up Porter : Southern Oregon Brewing : Porter Happy Mother’s Day. My mother drank beer, but she was never much of a beer drinker.  She’d complain about my dark beers, didn’t I have anything drinkable.  But she could finish off … Continue reading

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Questions without Answers

We have come to Portland with many questions.  (Not the least of which is which college is right for my daughter.) Is contentment better than the struggle for happiness?  Who should I contact as my Portland beer guide?  What is … Continue reading

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Beer (and Sushi) is a Movable Feast

Mirror Pond Pale Ale : Deschutes Brewery : Pale Ale The sushi comes round in a pastel parade…pink, orange, blue, silver. Green is the cheapest and features such Japanese delicacies as fried dough and Poki Sticks. Round again on the … Continue reading

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Rembrandt on the Half-Shell

Founders Porter : Founders Brewing Company : Porter There’s a dark veil on the lady’s expression. Exhaustion, sadness, or resignation. Or perhaps she is just sitting in quiet anticipation of her glass of porter, a cup of gentle persuasion that … Continue reading

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Home is Where the Road Beer Awaits

The Famous Taddy Porter : Samuel Smith Old Brewery : Porter 949 miles in three days. Most of it stretched across PA Route 80, an endless oscillation of bare trees, the Spring not yet catching on to these altitudes. The … Continue reading

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Counting Down

Baltika #6 : Pivzavod Baltika / Baltic Beverages Holding: Porter “I’m looking for my beer.” I’m always looking for a good beer recommendation.  Availability is a good recommendation.  And beer is always available at our local supermarket, Pioneer.  It’s a … Continue reading

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