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The Last of the Pumpkins

Pumpkin Ale: Blue Point Brewing Company: Pumpkin Ale I believe that this is the last of the pumpkins. I am speechless, but I do not weep. I have simply lost things to say about pumpkins. Spicy. This one is a … Continue reading

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Old Posts

Post Road Pumpkin Ale: The Brooklyn Brewery: Pumpkin Ale Post Road winds it way quietly up the northeast, New York to Boston, the pumpkin trail. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and a light taste of the gourd itself. So, I guess this is … Continue reading

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Ale as Vegetable

Pumpkin Ale: Smuttynose Brewing Company, Inc.: Pumpkin Ale Smuttynose is a strong brewer. Stronger than, say, shaking hands with a vegetarian. And the Smuttynose pumpkin ale squashes in a full plate of earthiness, a harvest moon color, and pleasant array … Continue reading

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Puca or Jack ala Mode ?

Pumking Imperial Pumpkin Ale: Southern Tier Brewing Company: Imperial Pumpkin Ale Look at that face. One story goes that olde Jack was unable to pay his bar tab and, perhaps unawares of the types that frequent Celtic bars, he strikes … Continue reading

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A Smashing Pumpkin

Imperial Pumpkin Ale: Weyerbacher Brewing Company: Pumpkin Ale If you’ve ever ventured on Route 20 up from Easton, you know there’s a wickedly drivable S curve that rises from the Delaware River up the hill above town. Weyerbacher is a … Continue reading

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Cup o’ Joe with That?

Fisherman’s Pumpkin Stout: Cape Ann’s Brewing Company: Pumpkin Stout Okay, there’s a hint of whipped cream to this pumpkin beer (please see yesterday’s post for details), only there’s a more overwhelming sense of coffee here. Touches of dark caramel, you … Continue reading

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Whipped Cream…and other delights

Will Steven’s Pumpkin Ale: Otter Creek Brewing: Pumpkin Ale They get the pumpkins from Will Steven’s organic farm, just down the road from the brewery…and thus the name. My first pumpkin of the season. My friend (and nephew) Donald T … Continue reading

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