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Barrier Mare Undarum Hill Farmstead Everett Porter Red rooster stout WTF Six Point Sol (salt) Ok. No way I can get through this intelligently, let alone the intelligence I thought I was gonna bring to it, not even the intelligence … Continue reading

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Under the (Big) Red Sky

Big Red : Southern Tier Brewing Company : Red Ale (Imperialized) We camped just south of Cornell, in a state park in on an Ithaca hilltop.  Downstate, NYC was plunged in darkness from faulty switch somewhere along the Mohawk line.  … Continue reading

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Lift This

Levitation : Stone Brewing Co. : Amber / Red Ale My friend Ihor (and a member of the legendary Phillie Beer Tour) was a big fan of the Levitation party. A political fringe in Pennsylvania (isn’t everything?), the Levitation platform … Continue reading

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Red Star in the Bear Galaxy

Red Rocket Ale : Bear Republic Brewing Company : Scottish / Red Ale There’s a swirling darkness to this ale, in the glass and on the taste. A galaxy of malts, long arms of stellar sweetness punctuated by satellites of … Continue reading

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Redheaded Leprechauns and Other Deliriums

Harpoon Celtic Ale : Harpoon Brewery : Red Ale Andrea Neal was the first Irish redhead i met, way back in elementary school. Although my southern-born mom of Welsh stock fancied herself as Irish from time to time, I didn’t … Continue reading

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