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the best in beer

Editor’s Note: So this blog comes to a slow conclusion. As of this writing, three entries outstanding… But, in offsite consultations with the reading public, the editor is working to convince the reviewer to find some way to not only … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note: Oh, the last notes are slow in coming.  Apparently, the reviewer is slow to step away from the task at hand.  Perhaps he is still drinking beers on the sly and that is slowing the progress, knowing it’s … Continue reading

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Beer for Breakfast

Beer Geek Breakfast : Mikkeller : Stout (Imperial) “Woke up this morning and got myself a beer.  The future’s uncertain, and the end is always near.”  Morrison’s lyric ost succinctly fuses drinking and a dark existentialism, to a backbeat…you can’t … Continue reading

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Oysters on Deck

Oyster Stout : The Porterhouse Brewing Company : Stout (Irish Dry) The label warns that the skilled inclusion of oysters in the brewing process adds an indescribable character to this stout. They are not mermaids of deception; the oysters layer … Continue reading

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Threat from Down Under and Off to the Side

Tuatara IPA : Tuatara Brewing Co. : IPA Sierra makes a nice brew (Southern Hemisphere Harvest) using Pacific Hallertau, New Zealand Motueka and New Zealand Southern Cross hops from the bottom side of the globe. So I expected something better … Continue reading

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The Advantages of an Indefensible Country

Leffe Blonde : Abbaye de Leffe S.A. : Belgian In honor of my friends Hiromi (she designed this site’ masthead) and John’s trip to Brussels, I’m drinking a Leffe Blonde. Actually, one doesn’t need an excuse to drink this most … Continue reading

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Yard Sale

Philadelphia Pale Ale : Yards Brewing Co. : Pale Ale The first scrap collector drove by at 8 in the morning, taking most of metal. In the afternoon, two kids on stingrays circled the heap, looking for something of interest, but … Continue reading

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Home Again

Rolling Rock Extra Pale : Latrobe Brewing / Anheuser-Busch : Lager I’m back in Pennsylvania, back in the basement, digging out the soaked, and ripping down nineteen-seventies eighth-inch faux paneling. My brother Don and I pile stuff on the curbside … Continue reading

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All Hopped Up and PA to Go

Hop Infusion : Weyerbacher Brewing Co. : IPA Hops r us, here.  Looks like I’m headed to the hometown to a watery basement, so I pull down this beer, made along the road that runs there, to fortify me for … Continue reading

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The Road Less Travelled

Taquamari : Birrificio Pausa Cafe : Wheat(ish) Beer There are those who argue against new cuisine. Those who lament the introduction of centrifuge spinners into the kitchen.  Who rail against convention ovens and food processors, blenders and vegetable peelers.  Yes, those … Continue reading

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