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13 Forsaken Fragments: Robert Gardner / International

13 Minutes: Oliver Hirschbiegel / Germany

5 Broken Cameras: Guy Davidi and Emad Burnat / Israel

A Birder’s Guide to Everything: Rob Meyer / USA

A Decent Woman: Lukas Rinner / Argentina

A Hijacking: Tobias Lindholm / Denmark

A War: Tobias Lindholm / Denmark

A Wolf at the Door:  Fernando Coimbra / Brazil

Abigail Harm: Isaac Chung / USA

About Tap and No Maps on My Taps: George Nierenberg / USA

Aferim!: Radu Jude / Romania

Alias Ruby Blade: Alex Meillier and Tanya Ager Meillier / East Timor

All About the Feathers: Neto Villalobos / Costa Rica

All Governments Lie: Fred Peabody / USA

Aloft: Claudia Llosa/ Peru

Arabian Nights: Miguel Gomes / Portugal

A Woman’s Life: Stephane Brize / France

Band of Robbers: Adam Nee and Kyle Gallner / USA

Belle: Amma Asante / England

Bethlehem: Yuval Adler / Israel

Beyond the Hills: Cristian Mungiu / Romania

Big Men: Rachel Boynton / USA

Boundaries: Shana Feste / USA

Brigsby Bear: Dave McCary and Kyle Mooney / USA

Blancanieves: Pablo Berger / Spain

Burning Bush: Agnieszka Holland / Czechoslovakia

Career retrospective: James Ivory

Charlie Countryman: Frederik Bond / USA

Chasing Coral: Jeff Orlowski / International

Christine: Antonio Campos / USA

Chronic: Michel Franco / USA

Clandestine Childhood: Benjamin Avila / Argentina

Company Town: Natalie Kottke-Masocco / USA

Comrade Kim Goes Flying: Nicholas Bonner / North Korea

Dancer: Steven Cantor and dancer Sergei Polunin / USA-Russia

Dark Inclusion: Arthur Harari / France

Dinosaur 13: Todd Douglas Miller / USA

Diplomacy: Volker Schlondorff / Germany-France

Divine Order: Petra Volpe / Switzerland

Dolphin Boy: Yonatan Nir / Israel

Dreams Rewired: Martin Reinhart / Germany

Embrace of the Serpent: Ciro Guerra / Colombia

Expedition to the End of the World: Daniel Dencik / Denmark

Exposed: Beth B / USA

Extraordinary Ordinary People: Alan Govenar / USA

Extraterrestrial: Nacho Vigalondo / Spain

Finding Vivian Maier: John Maloof and Charlie Siskel / USA

Flamenco Flamenco: Carlos Saura / Spain

For a Woman: Diane Kurys / France

Found Memories: Julia Murat / Brazil

Gett, the Trial of Viviane Amsalem:  Ronit Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz / Israel

Gloria: Sebastian Lelio / Chile

Glory: Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov / Bulgaria

Good Manners: Juliana Rojas / Brazil

Greenery Will Bloom Again: Claudio Santamaria (actor), directed by Ermanno Olmi / Italy

Gringo Trails: Pegi Vail / USA

Gueros: Alonso Ruizpalacios / Mexico

Heal the Living: Katell Quillevere / France

Heli: Amat Escalante / Mexico

Hermano: Marcel Rasquin / Venezuela

Hitchcock/Truffaut: Kent Jones / USA

How to Steal 2 Million: Charlie Vundla / South Africa

Human Capital:  Paolo Virzi / Italy

Human Flow: Ai Weiwei / China

Infinitely Polar Bear:  Maya Forbes / USA

Jimmy’s Hall:  Ken Loach / Ireland (conversation with actors Barry Ward, Simone Kirby, and Jim Norton)

Keep On Keepin’ On: Alan Hicks / USA

Keep Quiet: Sam Blair / UK-Hungary

La Camioneta: Mark Kendall / Guatemala

La Sapienza:  Eugene Green / Italy

Labyrinth of Lies: Giulio Ricciarelli / Germany

Lady Macbeth: William Oldroyd / England

Land of Mine: Martin Zandvliet / Denmark

Lebanon: Samuel Maoz / Israel

Les Cowboys: Thomas Bidegain / France

Look Into My Eyes: Naftaly Gliksberg / Israel

Magician: The Astonishing Life & Work of Orson Welles:  Chuck Workman / USA

Manifesto: Julian Rosefeldt / Germany

Manos Sucias: Josef Wladyka / Colombia

Mars: Everardo Gout / USA

Michael Moore in TrumpLand: Michael Moore / USA

Miles Ahead: Don Cheadle / USA

Morgen: Marian Crisan / Romania

National Gallery: Frederick Wiseman / USA

Neither Heaven nor Earth: Clement Cogitore / France

Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer: Joseph Cedar and Richard Gere / USA

Of Horses and Men: Benedikt Erlingsson / Iceland

Omar: Hany Abu-Assad / Academy Award entry as “Palestine”

On the Ice: Andrew Okpeah / USA

Our Nixon: Penny Lane / USA

Palio:  Cosima Spender and Valerio Bonelli / Italy

Particle Fever: Mark Levinson and David Kaplan / USA

Philomena: Gabrielle Tana (producer) / Ireland

Postmortem: Pablo Larrain / Chile

Power to Change: Carl Fechner / Germany

Queen & Country:  John Boorman / England

Rabin, The Last Day: Amos Gitai / Israel

Reality:  Quentin Dupieux / France

Red Army: Gabe Polsky / USA

Requiem for NN: Juan Manuel Ecchavaria / Colombia

Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan: Linda Saffire and Adam Schlesinger / USA

Salsa Tel Aviv: Jorge Weller / Israel

Sand Storm: Elite Zexer / Israel

Sarah’s Key: Gilles Paquet-Brenner / France

Saviors in the Night: Ludi Boeken / Germany

School Life: Neasa Ni Chianain and David Rane / Ireland

Seasons: Jacques Perrin (director) and Stephane Durand (writer) / France

Shadow Dancer: James Marsh / Ireland

Songs My Brothers Taught Me: Chloe Zhao / USA

Son of Saul: Geza Rohrig (actor) / Hungary

Standing Tall: Emmanuelle Bercot / France

Star Wars: Ben Burtt (sound engineer) / USA

Sworn Virgin:  Laura Bispuri / Albania

Tanna: Bentley Dean / Australia

The Age of Consequences: Jared Scott / USA

The Angels’ Share: Paul Laverty (screenwriter) / Scotland

The Attack: Ziad Doueiri / Tel Aviv-Nablus

The Boomer List: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders / USA

The Deep: Baltasar Kormakur / Iceland

The Fencer: Klaus Haro / Estonia

The Flat: Arnon Goldfinger / Israel

The Gatekeepers: Dror Moreh / Israel

The German Doctor: Lucia Puenzo / Argentina

The Girl and Death: Jos Stelling / Holland

The Idol: Hany Abu-Assad / Gaza

The Insult: Ziad Doueiri / Lebanon

The Ladies of the House:  John Stuart Wildman / USA

The Last of the Unjust: Claude Lanzmann / France

The Legend of Kaspar Hauser: Davide Manuli / Italy

The Loneliest Planet: Julia Loktev / USA

The Look of Silence: Joshua Oppenheimer / Indonesia

The Man Who Saved the World:  Peter Anthony / Denmark

The Mill and the Cross: Lech Majewski / Poland

The Muslims Are Coming!: Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah / USA

The Only Real Game: Mirra Bank / India-USA

The Patience Stone: Atiq Rahimi / Afghanistan

The Tenth Man: Daniel Burman / Argentina

The Salt of the Earth:  Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado / Brazil

The Two Faces of January: Hossein Amini / USA

The Women’s Balcony: Emil Ben-Shimon / Israel

The Yes Men Are Revolting: Laura Nix, Andy Bichlbaum, and Mike Bonnano / USA

Theeb: Naji Abu Nowar / Jordan

Three Worlds: Catherine Corsini / France

Through a Glass Darkly: Thomas Allen Harris / USA

Tikkun: Avishai Sivan / Israel

Tsili:  Amos Gitai / Israel

Uncertain: Anna Sandiland and Ewan McNicol / USA

Viaje:  Paz Fabrega / Costa Rica

Vince Giordano: There’s a Future in the Past: Amber Edwards and Dave Davidson

Viola: Matias Pineiro / Argentina

Violeta Went to Heaven: Andres Wood / Chile

Voyage of Time: Hanan Townshend (composer) / USA

Watchers of the Sky: Edet Belzberg / USA

West: Christian Schwochow / Germany

West End: Joe Basile / USA

West of the Jordan River: Amos Gitai / Israeli Occupied Territories-Palestine

What Will People Say: Iram Haq / Norway-Pakistan

Wolf Totem: Jean-Jacques Annaud / France, Mongolia

Woman in Gold: Simon Curtis / USA

Wondrous Boccaccio: Paolo Taviani / Italy

Wrestling Jerusalem: Aaron Davidman / USA-Italy

Zaytoun: Eran Riklis / Israel

Zero Bridge: Tariq Tapa / Kashmir

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