About the Editor

Judy Gelman Myers founded Earth On Screen in order to celebrate films about our precious home; further awareness about issues threatening our survival as a species; and amplify intelligent discussion on climate change, mitigation, and justice.

Earth On Screen is a sister site to Director Talk, an online magazine featuring interviews with independent filmmakers. Although the filmmakers we interview for Earth On Screen are usually not experts on the science or politics of climate change, the years they spend making their films give them an especially informed view of the topic.

In her work as a journalist, Ms. Gelman Myers has interviewed film directors and scientists around the world. She studied film directing with Dusan Makavejev and  film criticism with Andrew Sarris at Columbia University’s Film Division, Graduate School of the Arts, and was lucky to have worked for Alan Lomax on his dance series Rhythms of the Earth. Ms. Myers has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a master’s in linguistics from the University of Michigan. She is a member of SWINY, Science Writers in New York, and is a frequent contributor to Film Journal International.