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Judy Gelman Myers founded Director Talk in the belief that there’s more to a movie than the film itself.  Movies grow out of historical circumstances, a director’s—or producer’s, or actor’s—pressing need to tell a story, a desire to be understood, a wish to entertain.  Once in the world, a movie, especially a good one, makes ripples that carry far beyond their point of origin.  All these things deserve exploration; the director, from his place at the helm, is in the best position to help us explore them.

In her work as a journalist, Ms. Gelman Myers has conducted interviews with film directors, photographers, scientists, and flamenco artists around the world.  She studied film directing with Dusan Makavejev and  film criticism with Andrew Sarris at Columbia University’s Film Division, Graduate School of the Arts, and was lucky to have worked for Alan Lomax on his dance series Rhythms of the Earth.  Ms. Myers has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a master’s in linguistics from the University of Michigan.

There’s no question that every piece of art should speak for itself.  However, none can say everything that needs to be said.  Hence Director Talk.  Enjoy.

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  1. Hello. I also attended the graduate cinema studies department at Columbia (1980-83) and recently made contact with John Belton. He told me that you posted something when Andrew Sarris died and I’d like to read it but can’t get into your archives. Is this possible? Your name is also familiar but I can’t place a face on it. I remember Dusan being there when I was. Perhaps you were too?

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